Shopping Trips

Shopping trips remain very popular with a growing number of members wishing to travel. The service provides an opportunity for older people who live in the Ascot area to visit the shopping centres of Camberley, Woking, Bracknell and the Marks and Spencer complex at The Meadows, Camberley. Members attend either to do a weekly shop or to have a morning out with friends.

A reliable service is provided by People to Places whose largest bus carries  13 passengers and there have been occasions when the numbers of places in the mini-bus have been over-subscribed. When this occurs some people are balloted out. Older people will also decide at the last minute not to travel and as a consequence there are relatively few occasions when the bus is full.

The service is heavily subsidised and operates thanks to a donation from the Ascot Fire Brigade Trust.

You will be picked up from 10.00 am onwards and we will start our return journey at about 12.30 pm.There will be a charge of £2.50 for each trip. Journeys will be accompanied by a member of the Ascot Project; however people travel at their own risk and are responsible for ensuring they are at the meeting point in time for their return.  

If you are interested in joining the shopping trips

please contact

Gillian on (01784) 471561 or David on (01344) 626784